Data Deliveries of the Open Access Content From the DEAL Contract With Springer Nature Are Now Completed

The articles published in open access under the two DEAL contracts are of particular interest to the repositories served by DeepGreen. While the delivery of the Wiley data has been running successfully for some time, it has not yet been possible to agree on a data delivery with Springer Nature. As an interim solution, we were able to agree with Springer Nature on a workaround developed by DeepGreen based on a download procedure. After successful testing, we started delivering data from the DEAL contract with Springer Nature in March and were able to complete the process this week. 24,047 articles were processed and 35,015 were delivered to the participating repositories. The latter number is noticeably larger because of multiple deliveries of the same article to different repositories. This is due to the fact that authors have multiple institutional affiliations and that articles are also delivered to subject repositories.