Distinction between green and golden content now also possible with DeepGreen

Earlier this week, the next DeepGreen feature update was added to the production system. We are very pleased that with the new update DeepGreen is now able to distinguish between gold and green content within a journal. Previously, only a distinction at journal level was possible. S. Karger will be the first publisher to use this new feature. In addition to the content of the national licence and the pure gold OA journals, the gold and green content of the transformation contract will be available from Karger.

In addition, another SWORD feature is included in the new update. From now on, articles can be resent via SWORD using a button in the Routing History. In the routing history there is now an additional column “Deposit details”. In addition to the “Request deposit” button, which can be used to resend items via SWORD, this column contains information on the dispatch status of the respective item, for example, how often the item has already been sent, when it was last sent and what the current status is. It is also possible to send several items at once: Via the button “Select all on this page”, all articles on one page of the routing history can be selected and sent again via the button “Deposit selected notifications”.

The deposit logs, which were added to the “Manage SWORD Status” area with the last DeepGreen update, have also been expanded with this update (accessible via the View logs from last deposit button). Here you can now view not only the logs from the last deposit, but also from all previous deposits. 

You can find a screencast on this topic on our website: