First DeepGreen users’ meeting at the 8th Library Congress 2022 in Leipzig

The first DeepGreen users’ meeting took place at the 8th Library Congress in Leipzig on 2 June 2022. The topic of the workshop was the long-term future perspective of DeepGreen and 15 people discussed different possibilities for the long-term development of the service together with the DeepGreen team.
Various options were presented in several input presentations. An expansion of the available content in the direction of Diamond OA, Subscribe to Open, monographs, Open Educational Resources or research data was discussed, also cooperation possibilities with other projects such as OA-Switchboard, ChronosHub, OA-STRUKTKOMM or ROR.
After the input presentations, the participants discussed and prioritised the presented points again in two groups.
The result (see photo) clearly shows that DeepGreen should continue to follow the path that the service has already taken in the long term. The top priority is still the green content of consortial licence agreements. Of interest is the expansion of content in the direction of monographs, conference papers and other OA models. Both groups emphasise the urgent need to prioritise deliveries and fear a flooding of repositories if content is expanded too much, for example in the direction of research data or Open Educational Resources.

The exchange with the users was productive and very enriching. We thank everyone for their participation.